Why Substratum

Information wants to be free, not locked down by censorship or net neutrality laws. Substratum provides tools anyone can use to help keep the internet accessible through decentralization.

We support an equal, fair, and open internet.

The Substratum Network gives all websites and all applications equal opportunity to broadcast their message.


No one should pay for an internet fast lane.

Information should be available to anyone with a web browser, regardless of their location or service provider. With the decentralized web, no one controls content visibility.


Encryption without VPNs or Tor

The Substratum Network builds security into every transaction.

Compression and industry-leading encryption with our own cryptographic algorithms ensures the data served is as secure and lightweight as possible.


Earn cryptocurrency while changing the world.

Everyone who runs a Substratum Node helps distribute content to the world, and they get paid for doing it. Microtransactions give node operators a small substrate payment each time they serve content. This greatly reduces costs to hosts, and it encourages more people to participate in the decentralized web.

Who wouldn’t want to earn money while they sleep?


Granular payments for clicks, nothing more.

Anyone who runs a website knows that hosting fees can get out of hand. Amazon Web Services (AWS) attempted to streamline this by charging for hosting by the minute, which was a step in the right direction.

Substratum uses cryptocurrency microtransactions for an even more refined payment model. Instead of charging by the minute, publishers pay for requests processed, that’s it.