In our recent Substratum Developer Update meeting we clarified quite a few processes enough to share the details with our followers.  The first of which is how Substratum keeps your data secure.  It is an amazing process that in my opinion makes hosting your site and data on Substratum the most secure hosting method on the planet.  

No Single Node Holds All the Data Necessary to Serve a Request

When you host your content on Substratum it starts in our internal bank of SuperNodes.  Our Network then distributes the content out to a network of nodes with different pieces of each file being stored on different nodes.  The blockchain serves as our ledger so Substratum knows which pieces of data are available on which nodes.  The information is only reassembled in memory before serving it up which makes peeking into the data on anyone’s machine who is running a node virtually impossible.  But Substratum goes even a couple steps further to make you data far beyond secure.  


On top of splitting up the bits of data between separate machines we are also implementing rolling encryption algorithms.  Each bit of data will be encrypted using one of several algorithms that our team has evaluated and selected based off of several requirements (not the least of which is the lowest amount of CPU cycles) to ensure the data is secure but also renders quickly.  The record of which bit of data is stored with which encryption algorithm is stored on a private blockchain so Substratum knows how to decrypt and reassemble the information.  

A Sample Request

Below is the process used to render a Sample Request boiled down to very simple terms:

  1. A user requests a web-site through their default browser.
  2. SubstratumDNS directs the user to the closest node to them.
  3. That node checks the Substratum Blockchain to find the nodes that have the data necessary to serve up the files that make up the request
  4. Those nodes push the data needed across the network (still encrypted) to the node that will serve the request.
  5. The node checks the private blockchain to find which encryption algorithms are used to encode which piece of data.
  6. The node then decodes each piece of data and reassembles as it serves it through the port and clears it.


As you can see by utilizing segmentation to keep data separated onto different nodes and on top of that encrypting each piece of data with one of several efficient algorithms we are able to secure data beyond the capabilities of your average web or application server.  In my mind this makes Substratum the most secure hosting platform in the world.  

How Can You Get Involved?

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