We are excited to be able to tell you now about a partnership we have formed with Render Payment Systems. Render has chosen to invest in our technology and the investment will be used to help us scale our infrastructure so from Day 1 our Supernodes are lightning fast even prior to us scaling in the additional nodes from our members.

Quote from Render

After meeting with the management, support staff, the Substratum community, and reviewing the underlying technology, we were quick to understand the opportunities by having both Substratum and Render Payment working in tandem. Render Payment’s strategic investment in Substratum will provide access to technologies that will complement our emerging services and patent pending technologies, which will be debuting after our ICO,” commented Christian Rishel, Render Payment’s Chief Executive Officer. Christian commented additionally that, “The security protocols of Substratum entwined with our Trusted Family Identity Network (TFIN) will provide one of the most secure, yet robust financial transaction platforms to date.”

Where to Find Out More

You can find more about Render Payment at https://renderpayment.com and you can join their newly formed Telegram group where they are ready to answer any questions you may have at https://t.me/joinchat/GmG550QCVX1gyqqRs0qDHw. Please join us in welcoming Render to the team and thanking them for helping us bring the world the free and fair internet of tomorrow through the power of the decentralized web.

How You Can Join

You can join Render in supporting our journey to the free and fair internet of tomorrow by joining our ICO. Just head over to the ICO page and follow the directions to get involved.