Today: ICO’s Banned within China

As many of you have seen in the news, in what many are calling “Black Monday”, today China made official the ruling by their Central Bank that Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) are illegal within China and that any funds raised for companies within China must be returned – View CNBC Article. This is the very type of thing that lead us to create Substratum. This type of ruling stifles creativity and forward progress and the very reason we need a Decentralized Web that cannot be controlled by the governments of the world.

Tomorrow: VPN’s Completely Banned

Also in the news today was the story of a man, Deng Jiewei, who received 9 months in jail for providing a VPN to China residents that circumvented China’s Great Firewall – Story Here. In the near future China has plans to even further crack down on VPN services and China’s residents fear using VPN’s already may land them in jail.


These reasons, and more, are why we created Substratum. Through Substratum’s nodes citizens of China, Russia and other restricted countries will be able to view the unrestricted web. Check out our video library on YouTube by Clicking Here or Read More on our Blog.

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Justin Tabb