Blockchain technology and the decentralized internet of the future promise web security, accessibility, and authentication for all.

It’s a powerful idea that works, and Bitcoin’s incredible performance is a shining example.

Why, then, do we still work with centralized server banks and decades-old protocols? While blockchain technology has the potential to change everything, there are a number of barriers to widespread adoption that hold us back.

Substratum is working to overcome these barriers and lead the way towards the future of the internet.

Building an Effective Blockchain: Serving Up Decentralized Content

One of the most important barriers to widespread adoption is the fact that a fast, effective blockchain requires a large number of servers located all over the world to serve up the distributed content on the network.

Building such a network requires a huge amount of capital.

Substratum’s Solution: Incentives for User-Run Blockchain Servers

Rather than trying to build a physical network of linked servers across the planet, Substratum has a different idea.

With ample connectivity and computing power, every internet user has the hardware to run their own blockchain server. Substratum will offer cryptocurrency incentives to any users who are willing to run a blockchain server on their personal computer.

Setting up a server is traditionally something that only web developers can do. Substratum is developing a user-friendly interface that allows users to set up a working server with the click of a button. When a user needs to use their personal device, powering down the automated server is as simple as clicking pause. When the user is finished with their personal work, they can return their personal server to active and let their computer earn cryptocurrency for them!

By making it both easy and rewarding to run servers, the Substratum network will see spontaneous servers pop up all over the world.

This is the network of servers that’s needed to run an effective blockchain, and this system will allow it to grow organically and without huge upfront investments. It’s a brilliant solution that’s bringing down one of the highest barriers to widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

Learn more about what Substratum is doing and why it matters: check out the whitepaper!