Last week it was announced that Substratum would be modifying its smart contract.  This announcement has been met with a few questions and a little uncertainty as to what it means.  In short, it means that Substratum is eliminating its ability to mint new tokens, thereby keeping the total supply low.

When Justin initially envisioned this project, there were three aspects to this rollout – the Network, Hosting, and CryptoPay.  This is a LOT of moving pieces – each of which could have been an independent ICO.  At the time, no development had begun, everything was speculative.  With that said, IMO, Justin made the right choice by leaving flexibility to mint new tokens IF needed.  However, we’ve since learned that we do NOT need to mint new tokens, so we are eliminating this option. (If I can be clear, only our original SUB wallet has this ability, and as Binance has confirmed, it has never been done.)

It is our hope, that by removing this option, and limiting the total supply, SUB will become stronger for all.  Thank you for being part of the Substratum community!

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