SUBLOCC Contest Meetup

As promised announced today we are running a contest that will provide roundtrip airfare & lodgings to the Substratum Offices for the very first meetup of the Substratum Blockchain Development & Cryptocurrency Group on January 16, 2018.

In accordance with our tradition of going over & above with our fantastic community instead of providing this for ONE lucky person we are providing it for TWO.

Since the group has a split focus between Blockchain Development for developers & Cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency traders we are splitting one contest into two.

1. Development

Developers who are interested in winning should submit an idea that they would like to develop on the Substratum Network. You need to submit your idea and contact details by visiting this page:

2. Cryptocurrency / General

Cryptocurrency traders who have interest in winning or anyone in general can design their best Substratum Meme! Simply design your meme and post it to either Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #SubstratumMeme. We will review all entries and will select ONE winner!

The contest will run from Friday November 24th – Tuesday December 19th. The winners will be selected & contacted for details required to book travel.

If you have any questions you can get them answered at the Substratum Slack or by emailing

Thank you for being part of Substratum!