As of last week Substratum has decided to make their weekly Show and Tell available to the public. This is the first instance of that move as it will stagger behind the Friday afternoon ceremony.

This move has been a desire of the development team for some time now and have been making several movements across multiple fronts this year and last to connect with its community of followers and supporters. Things like making the SubstratumNode in March 2018, Test Net Tools (aka “TNT”) and a couple smart contracts in 2018 open source was just a start. The team has been making strides in connecting more with the development community by opening the issues tab for SubstratumNode and TNT and also doing the necessary things to enable the developer community to contribute the project in more significant ways.

On the business front, the development team has been tweeting about features going to production daily to the open source repository. The team also made the weekly show and tell meeting available to Substratum community moderators to help equip them on status and to help them with a more ongoing open Q&A practice with them. The team has now taken this to the next step by making a write up available for each weekly show and tell for the general public who are curious about the inner details of the project.

For the full summary: 2019-02-15 Show & Tell