Substratum Node
Early Open Beta

You are about to install the Substratum Node Early Open Beta.
This is the first look many of you will get at how SubstratumNode operates but it is important to remember this is still an early version.

If you would like to review our source code for this product you can do that at

need to know

What you are about to install is the early Open Beta and it’s important to remember that this is still an early beta. So here is a quick list of things you need to know:

1. Basic User Interface

Normally at this stage we would only be allowing highly technical people to get involved and run at command line but since there is such an amazing level of interest from the community we have decided to release with a very basic UI. This will allow everyone to quickly test the SubstratumNode. This will NOT be our final version of the UI that is beautiful... that is being worked in now. This UI will allow you to toggle ON and OFF the SubstratumNode. You will still need to switch your DNS settings yourself and there will be instructions for that.

2. Internet Access

You will be able to surf the majority of the internet that you normally can THROUGH the Substratum Network. This is huge! There are a few things that are not available yet including video.

3. Neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods feature from our CORES network will be in the FOLLOWING release, 0.4.0, not this one. At that point you will be able to route around firewalls in a beta capacity and view the entire internet.

4. Earning Mechanism

The earning mechanism will be available in the 0.5.0 which will become Production v.1 - at this point you will be able to run a node and get paid for it and use SubstratumNode to view the entire Open Web!

5. Feedback

By using this initial release you are part of the beta test group and we will provide you with a location to provide us feedback. So please do so here:

Beta Install Instructions

Congratulations, you are ready to download and install the SubstratumNode Early Beta.

Downloads & Installers

Technical users can download a more complete binary package or compile from our source code at the repository above.

By Downloading the below files you are agreeing to our Beta Software Terms and Conditions
and to the GNU General Public License v3.0

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Download SubstratumNode - LINUX
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Download SubstratumNode - WINDOWS
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