Most high-powered, web-based companies (such as Facebook and Google) invest huge amounts of resources into server facilities, but none of them use a distributed server network.

Rather, high rise buildings are filled from basement to ceiling with endless racks of servers.

These computers are the guts of today’s internet and the cloud. They manage vast amounts of data and remotely handle computing tasks for modern businesses.

Why Traditional Servers are Inefficient

A classic server responds to queries by users. Its role is to be there, running and ready to act, when a user needs it.

That means that it spends a lot of time sitting and waiting.

It’s not so terrible, but it means that there is a lot of computing power sitting and not being used. Web service providers need to build more computing power than they provide.

Servers dedicated to high-traffic sites run at capacity while those serving low-traffic sites do very little work. Isn’t there a way for those unoccupied servers to “help out” their busy neighbors?

Substratum’s Solution: A Distributed Server Network

A distributed server network can provide the same serving power as a centralized server bank without dedicating servers to specific sites. By sharing data storage and computing tasks between a large number of servers in the local area, an intelligent network can optimize performance by allocating computing power in real time to the most appropriate nodes.

While the idea is not new, the difficulty lies in adoption.

Substratum is working to build such a network by providing easy-to-use software and cryptocurrency incentives to individuals who want to set up their own nodes within the Substratum distributed server network.

As volunteers set up nodes, the network will grow organically.

There’s no need to invest billions of dollars in building new computers. The unused computers of the world contain all the computing power we need.

Substratum’s role is to build the tools we need to realize this new federated version of the internet.

Learn more about Substratum’s mission to build a more efficient internet. Read the whitepaper!