Next week we will be making some changes to our Smart Contract. It is important to know that this will not affect your trading at all.

In our original Whitepaper we specified that if liquidity in the network reached too low we would be able to Mint 10% new supply for our token using the method mintToken() within the Smart Contract.  This method can ONLY be called by the originator wallet and has NEVER been called.  Throughout product development we have decided that we will not need this function and have been meaning to remove it for a while to provide our users with a greater sense of security that their token will always maintain its value by never becoming diluted.

Additionally there is a function called setPrices() that was only used in TESTING the Smart Contract but has never been used in PRODUCTION.

We are working with Binance who has confirmed that we have never called these functions but it is mutually agreed to be in the best interest of the community to remove them so that will take place next week, the week of June 11th.  There will be no trading activity downtime through this upgrade.