The concept of a decentralized global network is exciting. Your interest in it is probably what brought you here! The Substratum team’s view on the internet today, the internet of the future, and the journey to get there is pragmatic and unique. This foresight sets Substratum apart from the rest.

The Internet Works

In order to understand Substratum’s approach, it’s important to appreciate the fact that the internet, as it is, works!

When you open up a browser and surf the web, you’re able to access vast amounts of information at lightning speed. The combination of powerful servers, a robust data-serving infrastructure, your browser, and well-built web applications give you the internet you know and love today.

Reinventing the Wheel

The “other guys” have taken the idea of a decentralized web and run with it. They’re starting from scratch, building applications that interact with and load content from their networks (browser-like apps), new domain name registry systems (DNS-like), and server applications that support their network.

They are trying to rebuild the world wide web.

But it’s a system that already works. Isn’t this just reinventing the wheel?

Substratum’s Approach: Build a Decentralized Extension to Today’s Technology

The problem with the complete reinvention approach is adoption. Each company wants their users to install and run new applications to access their networks, something that most web users are unwilling to do.

Substratum’s top priority is facilitating widespread adoption, and they recognize that doing so means enabling current technology to run on their network.

They’ve built support for all of the popular browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) in their network – including SusbtratumNode, their volunteer server application. And they’ve built in support for server-side web application stacks (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL, ASP, and Python in first version), so current web applications can run on their network. They included classic DNS support, enabling web services to keep their domain names when migrating their sites to the Substratum network.

With the goal of reaching every web user in the world, the Substratum team wants their network to be accessible without requiring end users to do anything extra.

If you host your site on the Substratum network, your users can click on a link and see your site. In doing so, they’ve already become a part of the decentralized web. This ease of access is unmatched by other decentralized network models that require users to install new software on their computers.

Though some people are excited about a free, federated world wide web, most users don’t care enough to change their current habits. Substratum will meet users where they are with their current software so they can use the network without even realizing it. This is what sets the Substratum network apart.

Learn more about Substratum’s unique network model and read the whitepaper!