CryptoPay welcome to the family the Hurricaide team! They have made the leap to be an earlier adopter of our CryptoPay payment gateway product upon release.

Letter of Intent

June 14, 2018

To: Cryptopay
From: HurricAide

This letter states our intention to use Cryptopay, a division of Substratum, as our sole means of accepting crypto currency as donations to HurricAide. We understand that Cryptopay is in the building phase, as are we. You can find out more about Hurricaide at

HurricAide Mission

Using entertainment to create ongoing fundraising events, culminating in an annual marque telethon event to benefit US survivors of hurricanes. HurricAide efforts will annually help and assist US citizens in their relief and recovery efforts.

HurricAide Purpose

To support hurricane relief and recovery efforts that focus on immediate relief, awareness, education, hurricane preparedness and resiliency programs.

HurricaAide is a charity effort recently created (May 2018) as a program of Frog Pond Productions, a private nonprofit educational communications network. Frog Pond Productions (est. Oct 1, 1999) is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt publicly supported charity. The purposes of the network are to provide expert consulting and education, especially multimedia production services to charitable organizations and worthwhile causes. All donations to Frog Pond Productions, or any of the projects sponsored by Frog Pond Productions, are tax-deductible.

Our Frog Pond Productions Board or Trustees, as well as the Executive Committee for HurricAide, have all approved this engagement, and we sincerely look forward to working with you and putting Cryptopay on our website.

Yours truly,

Jennifer Ellsworth