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Substratum is an open-source network that allows anyone to allocate spare computing resources to make the internet a free and fair place for the entire world.


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Earn cryptocurrency. Change the world.

Everyone who runs a Substratum Node gets paid via cryptocurrency each time they serve content. It's easy to participate, and it helps build a better, more open internet.

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Substratum at a glance

The Substratum Network is a worldwide collection of nodes that securely delivers content without the need of a VPN or Tor. Here's how it works:

substratum host

Anyone can host websites or applications using Substratum Host, paying network users to serve content.

substratum node

Nodes forward content from hosts to web users. Everyone who runs a node gets paid in our cryptocurrency to forward content.

end web user

Anyone viewing Substratum-hosted content can see it in their regular web browser with no censorship blocks.

Our technology makes it work.

substratum host
Used by businesses, individuals, groups, or organizations that wish to host sites, databases, and applications on the network.
substratum node
Lets users run nodes that forward content from hosts, paying them in cryptocurrency.
Allows sites on the Substratum Network to process cryptocurrency payments using any publicly-traded coin.
developer tools
An API and SDK are provided for developing applicationstools on the Substratum Platform.
one-click software
A simple interface anyone can use to get started with the Substratum Network.
artificial intelligence
Optimal network intelligence finds the right node so content is served as quickly as possible to the end user.
Innovative implementation of advanced compression technology ensure all data on the network remains secure from end to end.
compression algorithms
Best in-class compression technology keeps latency to a minimum.

Substrate fuels the decentralized web.

The terminology involved with modern cryptocurrencies is confusing to anyone who isn’t steeped in the world of technology.

Substratum runs on substrate and atoms, a rough linguistic equivalent to dollars and cents. This means we use whole numbers with two decimal places, with hopes this will ease the learning curve and help mass adoption rates in the general public.

Substrate payments provide the fuel that powers the Substratum Network. Here's a basic example:

A business or individual wants to host their site on the decentralized web. They purchase Substrate using other cryptocurrencies or fiat (dollars, euros, etc.)

When a Substratum Network member running a node forwards the hosted site to a visitor, they receive a Substrate payment from the host.

CryptoPay lets shoppers pay using their favorite cryptocurrency. Transactions are converted to the host's preferred currency using Substrate as an intermediary.


One day,  Americans might wake up and realize they don’t like big brother watching over their shoulder and having corporations track everything they do. And when that happens,  Substratum will be there.

— Justin Tabb,  Co-Founder